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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a college consultant?

The college admissions process has changed drastically over the last couple of decades, requiring students to jump through many more hoops in order to attain the goal of college admission. In addition, while high school counselors are a vital part of the college admissions process, the average student/ counselor ratio at a typical public high school is 500 to 1, leaving very little time for an individualized college counseling approach. A private college consultant can lower the stress of applying to college by tailoring the admissions process to each student’s particular needs. A consultant can assist the student with making the right academic and extracurricular choices in high school to maximize the potential for college admission and can help a student identify colleges that are the best fits. A consultant can keep the student apprised of deadlines and application requirements, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks, can assist with college applications, including essays, and can help a student identify potential scholarship opportunities.

Do you replace the high school counselor?

Absolutely not! We work alongside high school counselors, filling in the gaps, to provide the student with a more individualized and comprehensive college admissions experience.

When is a good time to begin working with a college consultant?

The choice of when to engage a college consultant varies with each individual family. Some of our students begin as early as 8th grade or middle school to ensure that they begin their high school career taking courses that will place them in the best position for college admissions. Others wait until their sophomore or junior year when college applications are more imminent.

Do you offer SAT/ACT prep?

No, but we do provide advice on when to begin testing and which test is best for the student. We can also provide the student with various test prep options to best suit his or her needs.

How are your services offered?

Crossroads College Counseling offers comprehensive packages which include our entire menu of college counseling services, or services can be purchased a la carte by the hour. We also offer free 1 hour consultations, so you can decide which plan is right for your family.

How do you stay current on college admissions trends?

We stay current by attending both national and local professional organization meetings in the college counseling industry on a yearly or bi-yearly basis, participating in webinars that cover topics related to the college admissions process, regularly visiting and touring college campuses and routinely speaking with college admissions representatives to learn about school offerings and admission nuances.