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High School

No two students are exactly the same. Crossroads College Counseling uses a personalized approach to give students a competitive advantage when it comes to applying to college. The process starts with finding good fit colleges based on an understanding of one’s strengths and talents, as well as likes and dislikes and concludes with the student’s enrollment in the college of choice. Crossroads College Counseling offers the following services to help achieve those goals:

  • Administration of Assessments to Identify Aptitudes, Interests and Best Fit Colleges
  • Formulation of a College Admissions Plan
  • Evaluation of Student’s Stats and Resume to Determine Admissibility
  • Development of an Individualized Plan to Enhance College Admissibility
  • Information on College Admission Trends and Events in the Dallas Area
  • Recommendation of Resources to Student to Achieve Maximum Success
  • Information regarding Standardized Testing Timelines and Application Deadlines
  • Advisement on Summer Employment Opportunities, College Visits, Interviews, and Test Prep
  • Consultation on all Written College Application Components, including resumes and essays
  • Facilitation of Correspondence between Student and Admission Offices or Department Heads
  • Instruction on Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs and Eligibility
  • Strategy in the Case of deferral or waitlist status
  • Preparation for Transition to College

All services are available in a comprehensive package or can be provided to the student on an hourly basis, as needed.