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Learning Differences

Applying to college is an overwhelming endeavor, made even more stressful for students with learning differences. At Crossroads College Counseling, we work with students who learn differently to help them find colleges where they will ultimately thrive. No two students are alike which is why we provide a customized process to ensure that the individual needs of each student are met. In addition to the traditional college counseling services offered to all students, Crossroads College Counseling offers students with learning differences the following added benefits:

  • Evaluation of Current Level of Disability Support in High School
  • Guidance on Steps to Take to Qualify for Accommodations in College
  • Consultation on Securing Accommodations on Standardized Testing
  • Explanation of Different Levels of Support Programs Offered by Various Colleges
  • Development of Best Fit College List Based on Student’s Particular Learning Needs
  • Adaption of Application Process to the Student’s Unique Learning Differences
  • Advisement on Disclosure of the Student’s Learning Differences to Colleges
  • Consultation on Securing Accommodations at the Student’s Chosen College
  • Assistance Coordinating with College Disability Services
  • Assistance with the Transition to College