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Middle School

Starting early with good college counseling can give students and their parents the knowledge they need to make the best decisions about post-secondary education and can give students confidence that they are equipped with the right tools to succeed in their chosen educational path.

Crossroads College Counseling offers the following services to middle school students to ensure that the academic and extracurricular activities they choose at the beginning of high school enable them to be competitive candidates in their chosen fields of study at their preferred educational institutions:

Discussion of College Types

Overview of the College Admissions Process

Discussion of What Colleges are Looking for in a Student

Tips for Succeeding in High School

Mistakes to Avoid in Middle School and High School

Review of Student’s Academic Record

Consultation on Courses to Take in Middle School and High School That Align with Chosen Educational and Career Goals

Guidance on How to Spend Summers and Choose Extra-Curricular Activities to Maximize College Admission

Overview of Financial Aid and Scholarships